Tecno Unveils New Spark Version 3.0 Smartphone

Tecno Unveils New Spark Version 3.0 Smartphone
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Tecno has launched its new spark version 3.0 smartphone. For one thing, it needs to be well-accepted by a large section of the market. It needs to be loved by the youth, who make up a large section of the market. With its sleek design, the TECNO Spark series has been such a device.

About two years ago, TECNO Spark 2 was launched. Young professionals and students alike were thrilled to own it. Selfie and photography lovers have continued to enjoy using the powerful rear and front-facing camera both for leisure and business. Spark 2 sports a bright camera that is well-adapted to taking amazing pictures even in low-light conditions.

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Stories are abound with positive experiences people have had with the Spark 2 smartphone. Many Spark 2 users have continuously enjoyed the launch of various applications on the phone without the issue of occasional ‘freezing’. This benefit comes due to the addition of ‘AndroidGo’ to the Spark 2 smartphones, which ensures thatall the apps on the phone are lightweight and well-suited for the smooth operation of the device.

Game lovers have also told stories of 2D games playing smoothly on the device. For a smartphone that does not dip a hole in your pocket, all these areremarkable. You can even have a couple of apps open at the same time on the device! These testimonials reveal reasonsthe leading smartphone brand, TECNO, well-known for its sleek SPARK series,is loved by users.

However, Africa’s most preferred smartphone maker, TECNO, is about to birth another SPARK in the series! It will bring exciting features that will ensure an even better TECNO SPARK experience for all. One of them is the ever-trending AI Technology.

Until recently, only TECNO CAMON phone users have been able to enjoy AI Technology but it’schanging soon. The trend is now open to lovers of the TECNO Spark series.

SPARK fans can now experience the great things that AI makes possible, like the AI beauty for selfies and photography, as well as facial recognition. With this, you no longer have to retouch or edit your pictures.AI beauty does it all for you.

By making AI available in SPARK 3, TECNO is showing its increased commitment to a more advanced camera-focused and safer smartphone experience for users, as well as a great insight to how much we value our privacy and security.

Source: ThisDay Live.

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