Business of Photography

Business of Photography
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Whether you like it or not you are either creating a perception or your destroying a perception, or your crafting a perception. You need to craft a perception of yourself, also you need to sell the right story about what you are doing because nobody cares about if you own a studio or not. What story are you telling?

Keep your images, save them somewhere or on google drive because picture memories is a good business.

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The most thing is your heart, you might like nude photo doesn’t mean i might like it. It doesn’t mean you taking a nude picture makes you a bad artist.. No, it your own person, passion and it’s also about profitability.

Stay focused in this game, do something different, everybody does not have to be a wedding photographer, portrait photographer, there are other forms of photography like photo journalism, Transport photography, sport photography, food photography, documentary photography etc..

Keep taking pictures and never stop, in the future it will be useful to some people. You need to have the passion and motivation, you don’t make money in a day, with time and devotion you will see the result.

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