FG To Initiate 4 Days Of Immersive Learning for Students

Fed Government to Initiate 4 Days of Immersive Learning for Students
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The Federal Ministry of Communications, Innovation & Digital Economy is launching its Build-A-Thon programme for secondary school students. The 4-day programme, which is scheduled to take place from January 22nd to 25th, 2024, will involve 1,500 students from 150 schools across three locations: Owerri, Maiduguri, and Abeokuta.

Build-A-Thon is an ecosystem offering various learning opportunities including DIY boxes, technology labs, and workshops to enhance students’ skills. Outstanding teams in different locations and categories will be recognized, including the Most Innovative Design, the Most Sustainable Project, and an award for the project with the most utility. You can check their website for more info.

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