Small Business Ideas – Part 1

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A series of short articles will be published bi-weekly in this new year and it will focus on small business ideas/side hustles that you can earn a few coins or direct cash transfers, especially for people living in the diaspora, more focus on the United Kingdom.

Parking Space Host: A lot of people rent out a spare room in their properties or use their cars during their spare period to do car rides or taxis, however, not everyone knows that they can rent out their free or spare car park/garage for a fee. In addition, if you can find an alternative space to park your car(s), you can rent out your car park and garage. Furthermore, if you know someone who has an unused parking space, approach them and see how you can monetise it.

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If you want to go further and attract big clients (car owners) like owners of Bentley, Range Rover, Tesla etc, put a camera or CCTV to secure the car park. Several platforms and websites allow owners to list their car park for free such as Kindly note that there is no collaboration or association between the author of this article and any recommendation made in this article, do further findings.

A Consultant (HR, Migration, Travel, Education, Marriage, Cuisine etc): For clarity sake, this article will focus more on HR consultancy. To embark on this journey, one doesn’t need to have a huge following on any website, platform or social media followings. JAPA became a more popular name in recent years amidst the continuously rising cost of living and uncertainties in the political and socio-economic climate around the whole especially in developing countries.

Socially and economically, the world was built on migration and shall continue to remain so, which is one of the reasons why top companies pay HR specialists to help in recruiting, attracting and retaining top talents. A lot of these HR consultants have built a credible brand name and huge following on professional platforms such as LinkedIn.

Here is a great strategy one can explore: (1) Build a professional profile on a platform such as LinkedIn, or build a professional website. (2) Network and build verifiable credibility and goodwill among the community in your locality. (3). Register your brand; people feel more confident dealing with entities than individuals. (4). Start small that is network with small and medium companies that recruit skilled workers (with sponsorships) abroad in sectors such as Healthcare, IT, Education etc

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, see you in Part 2 of this article. Let us continue to build.


Adetunji Bolorunduro is a Doctoral Student and Assistant Lecturer at Essex Business School, University of Essex, United Kingdom. He writes articles in both online and print media such as Richtopia, GtejMedia, BridgeAfrique Magazine, Africa Business Chamber of Commerce, etc.,

In the past, He Co-founded AfricaCV and China Link Education. He is a die-hard Chelsea Fan.

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