Leadway Partners Leytro On Incentive Driven Insurance In Nigeria

Leadway Partners Leytro On Incentive Driven Insurance In Nigeria
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Leadway Assurance and Leytro, a leading insurtech company specialising in usage-based insurance for SMEs, have entered into a collaboration to deliver user-friendly, cost-effective, and incentive-driven insurance policies tailored for fleet managers and drivers.

The partnership is seen as a strategic move aimed at advancing technological innovation in the insurance sector and facilitating the seamless adoption of insurance products in Nigeria.

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This strategic alliance harnesses Leytro’s technological expertise and Leadway’s established industry knowledge to introduce a pioneering pay-as-you-drive insurance model characterised by flexibility and affordability. Fleet managers can now conveniently manage their insurance payments on the go through a dedicated mobile app underpinned by mobile telematics intelligence.

The mobile app incorporates telematics intelligence to continuously assess the driving behaviours of policyholders, offering real-time insights into their driving habits. This capability empowers businesses to optimise their fleet management strategies to seamlessly make insurance payments via the app, utilising a pay-as-you-go approach with fair premiums and incentives for safe driving.

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