Snapchat Adds More Safety Features for Teen Users

Snapchat Adds More Safety Features for Teen Users
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Social media app maker Snap on Thursday said it will roll out in-app warnings and other safeguards globally to offer enhanced protection to users between the age group of 13-17 years against online risks.

The safeguards will enable safer communications and search, and show teenage users age-appropriate content.

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It will also launch a new Strike System for inappropriate accounts with increased education about common online risks, Snap said in a statement.

According to Statista, India has the highest number of Snapchat users, and a large number of its users are Gen Z or millennials who were born after 1996.

The in-app warnings feature sends a pop-up warning to a teen user if someone tries to add them as a friend when they do not share mutual contacts or the person isn’t in the contact list.

The Strike System will remove accounts that market and promote age-inappropriate content based on them being detected internally, or that get reported. If an account is repeatedly trying to circumvent rules, it will be banned, according to the new system and rules.

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