Nigerian Breweries Unveils Goldberg Black Lager: “Same Rules, New Rhythm”

Nigerian Breweries Unveils Goldberg Black Lager: “Same Rules, New Rhythm” for a modern age
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Nigerian Breweries PLC launches Goldberg Black Lager, an exceptional addition to the Nigerian beer landscape, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, and adheres to the highest brewing standards. The unveiling took place recently at Rhapsody’s, Ikeja, Lagos.

Goldberg Black Lager offers a unique and refreshing experience, and boasts a distinct and full-bodied taste, devoid of any added sugar, setting it apart as a refreshing choice for a wide range of palates and age groups.

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The new variant, also crafted to the gold standard using quality ingredients, boasts a moderate alcohol content of 6%, making it a choice that appeals to a wide range of consumers across age groups and taste preferences. Moreover, the development of this beer was carried out with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, emphasizing responsible water stewardship and quality assurance.

Sade Morgan, Corporate Affairs Director at Nigerian Breweries, expressed the excitement surrounding this groundbreaking product. She said, “This is the newest product from the Staple of Nigerian Breweries PLC, a beverage that embodies tradition, innovation, and modernity. It’s not just a beer; it’s a celebration of our roots, culture, and craftsmanship as a people.”


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