Porter Novelli Introduces New ‘borderless’ Network Model

Porter Novelli Introduces New ‘borderless’ Network Model
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Porter Novelli has introduced a new global network model in response to evolving client needs – The Connected Core.

The model enables the agency to cherry pick talent across the world, creating a centre of excellence for each of their clients into which they can plug in additional expertise when relevant and as required.

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Porter Novelli EMEA Managing Director, Fenella Grey said: “With the rise in volatility in customer buying behaviours and increasing pressure on measuring impact due to the cost-of-living crisis, it became obvious that we needed to create something much more agile to cater for these global seismic shifts. Our Connected Core ‘lever system’, enables clients to quickly plug in (and out) expertise in accordance with priority markets and needs.”

Dariela Roffe Rakind, Director, Europe and Global Public Relations, Almond Board of California say:

“Working across four European markets, often with common strategic goals, we need to be efficient and agile. We want to be able to plug in expertise and individual strengths when needed, whether that’s strategic support or market knowledge, creative or data insights. But we also recognise that we get great work done when we really know each other as individuals so at the heart of the way we work is a core team that really understands our business.”

Within the model, there are four capability cohorts which pull together talent from across the world representing key strategic areas: Purpose & Impact, Corporate Counsel, Brand Growth and Employee engagement. At the heart is the Strategic Services hub, providing world-class content, production, strategy, planning and data-led expertise.  The Porter Novelli value proposition is built around doing business better and part of this means being able to communicate at the speed of culture. So, as trends and intelligence come in from the markets (signal IN), we apply our own data-led intelligence and expertise to deliver daily insights and external comms programmes (signal OUT).

Jessica Mullan, Director of International Communications at Blueprint Medicines said: “We are fiercely committed to our work, so we need a partner who cares about our mission as much as we do. We also need a partner who is three steps ahead of us – moving with agility and speed to help us capture opportunities to strengthen our value proposition across Europe. The Porter Novelli team does this and more.”

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