Nigerian startup launches platform

Nigerian startup launches platform
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Two entrepreneurs have created a platform to expose Nigerians to local and international job opportunities.

The platform, known as YARD, was created as a discourse platform aimed at digitalising the employment process with artificial intelligence.

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Speaking during the launch in Abuja recently, YARD’s Chief Executive Officer, Anderson Idoko, said the platform had learning, talents and communities’ segments, noting that the platform would match talents with organisations and agencies across the globe.

“YARD is an integrating platform. Once you register, it takes your CV to opportunities that suit you,” he said, noting that the platform was unique as it would contain 30-minute videos of job seekers talking about themselves.

He said YARD had created an enabling environment through its Talents section, where users could build, network and grow along their professional journey to make them more productive and successful.

He said the platform, which started in March this year, was targeting one million users by October, and would expand its operations across Africa.

Idoko further noted that the YARD Communities section was a discourse platform where people could interact, share contents such as pictures, videos and write-ups.

YARD’s Co-founder, Anderson Emmanuel, noted that YARD already had 2000 users on the platform, stressing that it was user-friendly and interactive. He said the platform would provide freelance opportunities and filter CVs for job seekers to enable them to get what they searched for.

“Our plan is to ensure that no matter the language you speak, it should be able to communicate with you,” he said, noting that the platform would communicate in different global languages.

The Chief Executive Officer, Nigerian Export Promotion Council, NEPC, on his part, said the country was well-positioned to develop a strong digital economy.

He said innovations were essential for micro, small and medium businesses to thrive as ICT could promote economic development and prosperity.

He further said that the NEPC had set up youth export development desks in 32 states across the country, pointing out that the agency had trained a number of MSMEs to enable them to have digital identities.

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