MTN Nigeria, Microsoft Partner To Roll Out Cloud Technology

MTN Nigeria, Microsoft Partner To Roll Out Cloud Technology
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Cloud computing enables organizations to use digital resources stored in virtual spaces through networks – often satellite networks. It allows people to share information and applications without the restriction posed by location.

Speaking about this partnership and how it will usher transformative solutions for organizations and how they store and use data, Chief Enterprise Business Officer, MTN Nigeria, Lynda Saint-Nwafor, said, “Cloud has become the backbone of modern business operations revolutionizing the way we store, process and analyze data, the way we collaborate across teams and the way we deliver value to customers.

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Our extensive network infrastructure as MTN, combined with Microsoft’s cutting-edge technologies, will provide a robust foundation for businesses’ digital acceleration needs and initiatives.”

Cloud computing is essential for businesses to thrive in this rapidly changing world. While adopting cloud computing, companies might encounter challenges like skill shortages and lack of planning, existing data center infrastructure limitations, and concerns about vendor lock-in, data sovereignty, and security.

Country Manager, Microsoft Nigeria, and Ghana, Ola Williams, said, “When discussing technologies that enable a transformational shift, one of the key things to discuss is the cloud, which provides a flexible and agile way for organizations to embrace technology.

Businesses need to be deliberate about how they incorporate cloud computing into their operations, and that is why it is always very beneficial when it is taken as a journey with the right partners.”

When choosing a cloud computing service provider, there are things to prioritize. MTN Nigeria has carefully considered the setbacks and created a Centre of Excellence (CoE) staffed with certified professionals in all domains.

Also, the organization is leveraging the power partnerships by engaging with Microsoft, a world technology leader that can bring bear extensive experience and support.

Furthermore, MTN Nigeria has bundled connectivity solutions to integrate and enhance the cloud experience of Nigerian businesses seamlessly. It will leverage its strong local presence and round-the-clock support to ensure customers feel confident about handling their cloud computing needs.

MTN Nigeria remains committed to providing its customers with premium products and services that ensure they are empowered to compete internationally.

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