Huawei, Bui Power Partner To Develop eLTE Broadband Network

Huawei, Bui Power Partner To Develop eLTE Broadband Network
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Huawei, in partnership with Bui Authority, has built an eLTE broadband private network targeted at penetrating the substantial concrete barriers and infrastructure at Bui Power Plant, in Ghana.

This is the first time that Huawei has deployed an eLTE-based solution in the hydroelectric industry with the network carrying voice, video, and data services to enable instant communication between the control room and maintenance staff moving around the plant.

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The International Renewable Energy Agency estimates that Africa’s renewable energy capacity could reach 310GW by 2030, catapulting the continent into the top tier of green energy production. The Bui Power Authority (BPA) hydro-solar hybrid power plant in Ghana is leading the way in Sub Saharan Africa, with essential communication and operational management services provided across Huawei’s eLTE Broadband Network.

In his remarks, Ghanaian energy minister, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh emphasised the importance of ICT systems in providing intelligent energy management, which is critical in ensuring efficient power generation, power plant operations, and power distribution.

According to Prempeh, ICT systems enable renewable energy to be integrated into the grid for reliable, stable access and supply needed in order to achieve the country’s goal of universal electricity access by 2025.

“As Ghana is striding towards achieving universal electricity access by 2025, it is important for us to unleash the transformational power of ICT in optimizing the operations at power plants, increasing the efficiency of renewable energy use, and ensuring a stable and cost-effective electricity supply to many more households nationwide,” minister said.

An engineer in Huawei who does not want his name in print disclosed that building modern networks provides capacity for growth, enabling the intelligent digital transformation of the site in the future.

“With features like “push-to-talk” and group calls for both voice and video, the private network makes routine maintenance and handling of emergencies easier and more efficient at the power plant,” he said.

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