Why you should buy insurance when you don’t need it

Why you should buy insurance when you don’t need it
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Insurance policy is one product you have to buy at the time you don’t need it. This makes it so unique.

Unlike drugs that people buy when they are sick, insurance should be bought even when there is no sign of trouble. This is why it is said that: ‘No Premium No Cover’.

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To enjoy insurance cover, you should have paid the premium ahead of risk.

Why you should pay before risk

* Risk comes unannounced

Since you don’t know the level of risks that await you, buying insurance ahead risks, would help you mitigate risk when it occurs.

* Small premium big coverage

Because the premium you pay is far less than the coverage you enjoy at the time of risks, it is better to buy insurance when you don’t need it for no insurer would accept such premium at the time of risk to grant you the coverage you require.

* Sowing and reaping

You can never reap where you didn’t sow. At the time you pay premium for a policy, you are sowing in anticipation of a harvest – claims.

It is said that the best time to prepare for war, is the time of peace. Therefore, the best time to get insurance is when you don’t need it.

Don’t allow comfort deprive you of benefits from insurance. Get insurance now that you are comfortable, so that you can sustain your comfort at the time of risk.

CREDIT:  inspenonline

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