We’re bringing 16 Indonesian companies to Nigeria – Indonesian Ambassador

We’re bringing 16 Indonesian companies to Nigeria – Indonesian Ambassador
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Indonesian Ambassador to Nigeria, Dr. Usra Hendra Harahap, said that the country is ready to strengthen bilateral trade cooperation with Nigeria, saying 16 Indonesian companies are coming into Nigeria with new technology.

The ambassador also stated that both countries need each other to foster economic integration amongst them.

Harahap disclosed this development at the just concluded West Africa Automotive Show in Lagos. WAAS is an event dedicated to the West African automotive industry. It showcases the range of vehicle parts and accessories needed to keep cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes and commercial vehicles on Nigeria and West Africa’s roads. The event brought in suppliers, dealers, and manufacturers with all those involved in automotive maintenance, repair and vehicle enhancement. According to him, “We have several Indonesia companies already existing in Nigeria, like Indomie, Indorama amongst others. We are bringing more 16 companies from Indonesia to Nigeria to trade with Nigeria. “Nigeria is a potential market for Indonesia, so is Nigeria. We need each other to build our economy together as well as trust, which is very important. “Before you can achieve anything substantial, there is a need for total trust, which is very important. We also want to make it easy for potential investors from Indonesia to have a smooth landing in the Nigeria market, as well as Nigerian investor to Indonesia, this is the main gate for our cooperation. “This is also the reason for our continuous bilateral trade meetings with Nigeria. “We are bringing modern technology to Nigeria. Since Nigeria is the highest producer of Cassava in the world, we have technology that can process Cassava to 200 kilograms of Tapioca in one hour. this will ease the stress of farmers, and that is the kind of technology on the way.”

Commenting on Indonesian Trade mission, Vice Director, Indonesia Trade Promotion Center, ITPC, Lagos, Simon Tumanggor, said: “This fair is part of the Indonesia Ministry of Trade mission to Africa. Our mandate is to promote Indonesia businesses and cooperation between Nigeria and Indonesia, to stimulate mutual benefit amongst both countries. “Indonesia is Nigeria’s best friend, and Nigeria is Indonesia best friend. We are also here as part of our move to strengthen our bilateral trade, most especially in Nigeria. To the end, we came to intensify our activities. “We invited some manufacturing companies from Indonesia to come and see the prospect of the Nigeria market. We are currently assisting them in gathering market information, so they can see areas they will like to invest in. “Before these delegates do business in Nigeria, they need to have a total understanding of Nigeria’s market to see the demand for their product, if the demand is okay, they will come in to invest. “So the first step we have to begin with is trading. Here, we will learn to gain confidence and mutual understanding, from there we move to investment. What I am saying now is with evidence, considering the advert of Indomie some years back. “We are willing to do more investment in Nigeria. In 1996, we brought in three containers of Indomie into the Nigeria market, and now, in my own perspective, Indomie Nigeria is even bigger than Indomie Indonesia, despite it was founded in Indonesia. “Before then, it was not common, within some period it was growing, not just to trade the noodles, now it is being produced in Nigeria, creating jobs for several Nigerians. We want to create more ‘Indomie’ companies in Nigeria. We believe that other companies can thrive and create a huge benefit for Nigeria’s potential market.

Source: Vanguard.

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