Toyota Nigeria Launches New Range Of Vehicle Enhancement Products

Toyota Nigeria Launches New Range of Vehicle Enhancement Products
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Toyota Nigeria Limited has taken vehicle maintenance to a higher level with the launch of a new range of automobile enhancement products into the nation’s market.

The launch in Lagos was held in partnership with renowned global manufacturers of the products, in response to the demand of its customers for quality vehicle maintenance products.

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This is coming in few months after the firm introduced Toyota Genuine Motor Oil, a lubricant made not only for Toyota, but all types of vehicle engines.

The new vehicle enhancement products include those from Jewelultra Diamondbrite for cleaning/protecting vehicles; smart repair comprehensive tools for minor cosmetics repairs and high-performance abrasives and power tools for professional solid surfaces and innovative sanding produced by Mirka.

The Managing Director of Toyota Nigeria Limited said: “Today we are introducing vehicle body enhancement products to cater to the needs of those who may not be ready to purchase new vehicles but want their vehicles to look well-kept.

“These products are also useful for customers who just want to maintain the interior and external brilliance of their vehicles.”

Speaking specifically on the products, the TNL boss said the Jewelultra Diamondbrite collections help in combating the daily onslaught of dirt, UV-rays, acid rain and contaminants that could affect the internal and external glow of a vehicle.

“The treatment comes with a guarantee, ensuring long-term peace of mind for vehicle owners.

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