Three Crowns Milk unveils ‘Treasure Your Heart’ campaign for Ramadan

Three Crowns Milk unveils ‘Treasure Your Heart’ campaign for Ramadan
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The holy period of fasting is here again and Three Crowns milk – Nigeria’s low-cholesterol and heart-friendly milk is encouraging the Muslim faithfuls to stay nourished and keep their hearts safe.

Starting March 22nd, three crown milk is set to connect with its consumers like never before by engaging them in several beneficial and rewarding activities, in the ‘Treasure Your Heart this Ramadan’’campaign.

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Several activities have been lined up for this campaign including giveaways and mosque activations, where Three Crowns milk will be giving out special Three Crowns Ramadan gift bags to its consumers across the country.

Another interesting part of the campaign is the Instagram live sessions (in partnership with renowned Muslim influencers). This is aimed at educating Muslims on the importance of Ramadan, including the act of giving and staying healthy by infusing the low-cholesterol heart friendly Three Crowns milk into their diets throughout Ramadan and beyond.

The live sessions will also feature some Q&A segments where consumers get to answer and win amazing prizes.

Speaking about the campaign, Marketing Manager Three Crowns Milk, Gloria Jacobs noted that abstinence from Sahur to Iftar during Ramadan is a religious requirement for all Muslims. In the evenings, families and friends come together for “Iftar”, where a vast array of delicacies is served to break the fast. Hence, food is the main and most affordable personal indulgence for Muslims during Ramadan. High-quality milk like Three Crowns is also a necessity during the fast because it provides low-cholesterol nourishment and nutrient replenishment. It should consistently be the preferred choice of dairy all through the period of fast as it helps to keep hearts safe whilst replenishing lost nutrients.

“This Ramadan, we want our consumers to not only fast but ensure that they stay healthy by caring for their hearts during the fast. We have partnered with renowned Muslim chefs, who will create healthy Ramadan recipes using Three Crowns milk.” Jacobs noted.

Three crown milk will also be present at major mosques across the country serving the nourishment of Three Crowns milk and fruits to Muslims in mosques and prayer grounds throughout Ramadan.

As Nigeria’s leading low-cholesterol milk brand, Three Crowns has nourished mothers and their families for more than 30 years with essential vitamins and minerals that support their well-being.

Three Crowns is the first milk brand to show care for mothers and acknowledge the important role they play in the family. The brand recognizes that when mothers as primary caregivers are taken care of, this positively impacts the care they give to their families.

The brand has thus given itself the patriotic task of encouraging women to eat and live healthy, thereby making their families happy.

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