Rida Nigeria To Launch Helicopter Taxi Service

Rida Nigeria To Launch Helicopter Taxi Service
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Rida Nigeria is gearing up to unveil an ambitious and exciting helicopter taxi service for Lagos commuters.

The helicopter tariff programme aims to help commuters to break free from the shackles of Lagos commercial traffic

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The visionary move is set to redefine the landscape of urban transportation, offering a new dimension of speed and luxury to travelers, according to officials.

Rida Nigeria’s simple, yet revolutionary idea is aimed at elevating daily commutes by providing an unparalleled air travel experience, transcending the limitations of traditional land-based transportation.

Although the proposed launch date has yet to be confirmed, Rida Nigeria remains steadfast in its commitment to providing innovative ride-hailing solutions, and the possibility of a helicopter service is not be far-fetched.

Currently available on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store, Rida Nigeria empowers riders to set their own prices, giving them a personalised and flexible travel experience.

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