QuickBunny Launches In Lagos To Redefine Logistics Business

QuickBunny Launches In Lagos To Redefine Logistics Business
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Nigerian-based logistics mobile app and a courier aggregation provider, QuickBunny, has debuted its services at an official launch held at the Nest Innovation Hub in Yaba Lagos.

The company, focused on delivering packages via hiring vetted agents called ‘Hoppers’ to run delivery or errands in real-time, is set to be a game changer in the delivery business in Nigeria.

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Speaking at the Launch, the CEO, Mr. Oscar Ebanja and COO Mr. Raymond Maduagwu, said they created the platform to ensure smooth delivery of all packages to their clients’ doorstep, with their target being Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs), as they understand the need for them to deliver their business proposition to customers.

One of its exciting features noted was the independent rider system, which according to Maduagwu, “Anyone willing to ride, make extra income and also feels safe working with us can apply to be a hopper.”

According to Ebanja, their major objective with introducing independent riders known as Hoppers, is to bring in accountability, while empowering them with their own work schedule. However, being a Hopper involves a rigorous registration process to ensure anyone applying meets its stated criterias. Other benefits to Hoppers mentioned includes: Health insurance, Items insurance, free training and sensitization, 24hrs cash out withdrawals, among others.

Business owners present at the launch expressed their delight about the highlighted solutions of the company in line with the challenges SMEs face, especially in a busy city like Lagos, while applauding the hoppers benefit as a morale booster, away from the norm.

The CEO, Chief Oscar Sona Ebanja is a US-trained data scientist, engineer, programmer, and serial entrepreneur with considerable experience in cutting-edge technology fields like industrial and automotive design and manufacturing, agile project management, natural language processing, data analysis, and business consulting. A natural multi-tasker, he also doubles as paramount Chief of the Balong tribe in Cameroon, a demographic that uniquely spans both the English-speaking and French-speaking parts of the bilingual nation.

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