Premium One-Stop Beauty Salon, Curlla Set to Launch in Lagos

Premium One-Stop Beauty Salon, Curlla Set to Launch in Lagos
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Curlla Luxury Salon is pleased to announce the launch of its flagship location in Lekki, Lagos. It is set to be the ultimate expression of luxury, created to provide a unique and unparalleled beauty experience, with focus on personalization, exclusivity, and exceptional craftsmanship.

With team of highly trained and experienced professionals the salon will offer a wide range of services, including hair styling and grooming, nail care, and more. Curlla is more than just a hair salon. It is a sanctuary of indulgence committed to creating the perfect atmosphere for clients to relax and rejuvenate with its state-of-the-art facilities and premium products.

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With an unwavering focus on providing the highest level of satisfaction, Curlla is poised to offer world-class beauty experiences to its discerning clientele ensuring they look and feel their very best.

The launch will take place on the 26th of April, 2023 at 3pm in Lekki, Lagos, and will be an exclusive and invitation-only event. The salon will open to the public on the 30th of April day, and appointments can be made by booking via the Curlla mobile app, WhatsApp, email and via their social media handles.

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