NSIA Launches Two Companies To Boost Healthcare

NSIA Launches Two Companies To Boost Healthcare
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The Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority, managers of Nigeria’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, has launched two of its flagship companies. They are NSIA Advanced Medical Service Ltd and Equilease Systems Limited.

A statement said this came after the receipt on Monday, of the Enugu State Medical Diagnostic Centre from the Enugu State Government under its healthcare expansion programme.

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The launch and handover ceremony took place on the facility of the diagnostic centre in Enugu.

It stated, “MedServe is being set up to serve as the vehicle to deliver NSIA’s healthcare expansion objectives with a goal to provide high-quality and affordable healthcare services and ensure equitable geographic access to these services across the country.

“The company will develop, equip, and operate NSIA’s expanding portfolio of healthcare centres and offer first-class medical services nationwide.”

On the other hand, it added, “EquiLease is a specialised equipment leasing service provider.

“Conceived as a market disruptor, the company will provide medical equipment leasing services, leveraging its strategic advantage to catalyse investments in healthcare institutions and facilitating the acquisition of equipment to improve the quality of care in the country.”

Equilease would partner with medical equipment manufacturers to offer innovative financing and leasing programmes for advanced medical equipment.

At the onset, it would offer services exclusively to MedServe as an anchor client.

The statement said the transfer of the Enugu State Medical Diagnostic Centre from the Enugu State Government was part of the three-part event.

Delivering his remarks on the three-part event, the Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, NSIA, Mr Aminu Umar-Sadiq, said “Over the past five years, we have built a strong and successful portfolio of healthcare service delivery centres.

“The transfer of the Enugu Centre for upgrade and rehabilitation is one of the steps in our journey towards making healthcare accessible and affordable for all Nigerians. The centre is one of the 23 centres to be upgraded for oncology and diagnostic services.”

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