Nice places to visit in Nigeria

Nice places to visit in Nigeria
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Lekki Conservative Centre,  Lagos,  This is a nature conservation and a tourist destination. There you will see and walk on the longest canopy walkway in Africa. Giant tortoise, Chess etc. The address is 19 Lekki-Epe, Lekki Penninsula II, Lekki.

Olumo Rock, Ogun, This is a tourist attraction, the mountain stand at the height of 137 Meters above sea level, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country,  which is located at Abeokuta. Also you will see a museum, restaurants and water fall as well. the address is at the intersection between ijemo-alape road & ita-bayinbo street in Ikija area, Abeokuta.

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Hi-Impact Planet, Lagos/Ibadan, this is an amusement park located at lagos/ibadan expressway. there are lot of fun, games, activities there such as 40 Metre high spring ride, bumper boats, haunted house, rio train etc… other facilities in the park are multi-purpose hall, banks, hotel. the address is Km 12 Lagos-Ibadan expressway, ibafo.

Yankari Game Reserve,  Bauchi, This is a wildlife park which is located in Bauchi State. Tourist will watch wildlife in its natural habitats. the address is Km 40 Bauchi-Gombe High way Mainamaji Village, Bauchi.

Erin Ijesha Waterfall,  Osun, this is a tourist attraction which is located in Osun State. Tourist will experience the waterfalls which was discovered in 1140 AD. The walls of the massive rock cleft through which the water flows is rugged in verdant colors, and although in the daytime the cleft is as dark as the night, the gracious vegetal canopies jutting out above allows some sunrays to penetrate, casting a subtle but gracious blue-green tone upon the vestal showers of Olumirin Waterfalls.

Zuma Rock, Abuja,  Zuma rock is a major landmark in the city of Abuja, the weather is conducive and also warm. The zuma rock fire (fire at the apex of the rock that catches fire under heavy rainfall) can be seen mostly during the raining season from April to August, tourist are advised to go there during raining season. it is located along the main road from Kaduna to Abuja, Niger state, Abuja, Niger.

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