NASD launches new digital asset certification for professionals

NASD launches new digital asset certification for professionals
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NASD Plc, an Over-the-Counter securities exchange for trading of unlisted securities, has entered into partnership with Blockstation Inc, Sophus Consulting and blockchain technology company – TK Tech Africa Limited – to roll out an accredited certification program for capital market professionals.

NASD Plc said in a statement that future certification events as well as fully online training provided by Blockstation will target all stakeholders including NASD staff, depository corporations, broker-dealers, and security issuers, adding that certification is required for licensed financial institutions to engage in blockchain-based digital assets.

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It stated that the certification programme is undergoing final refinements and would be deployed to all market participants in early 2023.

Speaking on the partnership, Eguarekhide Longe, Managing Director and CEO at NASD, said: “We will ensure that our professionals in the securities industry acquire the regulatory knowledge and hands-on technological experience they need to drive a secure and compliant digital asset marketplace in Nigeria.”

“Blockstation was instrumental in our efforts to develop the new digital market rules, they are the natural fit to deliver these essential training materials. We believe deeply that education is a mission critical for professionals planning to participate in the digital asset space,” says Jai Waterman, CEO at Blockstation.

“Blockchain transformation in the traditional market is approaching with speed and great fervor. We must place emphasis on education in order to empower existing key stakeholders and support the growth of SMEs.”

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