Liquid C2 Partners With Google Cloud To Bring Generative AI Capabilities To Africa

Liquid C2 Partners With Google Cloud To Bring Generative AI Capabilities To Africa
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Liquid C2 a business of Cassava Technologies, a pan-African technology group, today announced collaborations with global technology leader Google Cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) company Anthropic to deliver advanced cloud, cyber security solutions, and generative AI (gen AI) capabilities to African businesses across the continent.

Building on the November 2023 signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a collaboration with Google Cloud in Africa, Liquid C2 is set to improve cyber security and cloud offerings across the continent while introducing them to Google Cloud’s latest AI, data, collaboration, and security solutions.

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Customers of Liquid C2 can expect heightened security measures, access to advanced cloud technologies, and a commitment to securing their digital assets.

Liquid C2 is set to be one of Google Cloud’s largest Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) in Africa, combining Google Cloud’s leading security solutions with Liquid C2’s expertise and vision in offering comprehensive security consulting.

In addition, the collaboration enables Liquid C2 to bring the capabilities of both Google Cloud and Anthropic’s AI models to its customers via Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform1, helping businesses develop and deploy solutions quickly within their cloud environments.

As a strategic partner of Google Cloud’s innovative solutions in Africa, Liquid C2 will also deliver Google Workspace to customers across the continent. Designed to facilitate team connections in a cloud-native environment, Google Workspace also features embedded generative AI tools to help employees create content and achieve greater productivity and collaboration in the workplace.

By fortifying cyber security measures and infusing gen AI capabilities, Liquid C2 envisions a future where security, collaboration, and innovation go hand-in-hand, creating a safer, more productive digital experience for all.

As Africa continues to emerge as a hub for technological advancements, collaboration between leading companies like Liquid C2, Google Cloud, and Anthropic play a crucial role in driving progress, fostering innovation, and attracting global investment.

In a separate but related development, Liquid C2 is also working directly with Anthropic, one of the largest and fastest-growing AI companies globally, to develop AI solutions for large enterprises that want to use it to improve productivity and revenue growth.

Anthropic has a strategic partnership with Google Cloud, and Claude – Anthropic’s family of foundational AI models that excel at thoughtful dialogue, content creation, complex reasoning, creativity, and coding – is available in Google Cloud’s Vertex AI.

Liquid C2’s partnership with Anthropic signifies a shared commitment to empowering businesses in Africa with state-of-the-art AI solutions.

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