Linkage Assurance Unveils Motor Third Party Plus To Enhance Customer Experience

Linkage Assurance Unveils  Motor Third Party Plus To  Enhance Customer Experience
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Linkage Assurance Plc has unveiled budget friendly motor third party plus variants to enhance customer experience.

The Third Party Plus Variants provide  policyholders with greater flexibility in choosing insurance coverage that suits their needs and risk tolerance.

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The managing director/CEO, Linkage Assurance Plc, Daniel Braie, while speaking at the unveiling ceremony of its corporate headquarters in Lagos said, the variants are budget-friendly plans designed with simplicity in mind.

According to him, these make the insurance process straightforward and easy to understand, making it an appealing option for individuals who prefer uncomplicated insurance solutions.

The ‘Third Party Plus Motor Insurance Plan’ offered by Linkage Assurance Plc has value propositions for individuals looking for cost-effective coverage. The CEO said, the primary value proposition of budget-friendly insurance plans is their affordability.

“These plans are designed to offer coverage at a lower premium, which can be especially attractive for individuals looking to meet legal insurance requirements or protect against basic risks without a significant financial burden,” he stressed.

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