Kaspersky Announces New And Reimagined Consumer Product Portfolio

Kaspersky Announces New And Reimagined Consumer Product Portfolio
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Kaspersky has announced availability of its new, simplified consumer solutions portfolio, available on a subscription basis.

Along with a new range of brand names, the reinvented product line brings an enhanced user interface and experience across multiple platforms. It also introduces a variety of features covering each category of contemporary consumer protection: security, privacy, performance and identity.

Kaspersky detection systems discovered (https://bit.ly/3S4h1Y1) an average of 380,000 new malicious files per day in 2021, reflecting a growth of 20,000 files per day compared to 2020. There are also new types of threats continuing to emerge: from advanced stealers (https://bit.ly/3MEPkUs) targeting the accounts of popular online gaming platforms or cryptowallets, to stalkerware (https://bit.ly/3TbMJUi) that enables a perpetrator to secretly spy on another person’s private life via a mobile device. It is therefore important for users to have the answers to all possible scenarios, so they can carry on living their digital lives with confidence – whether it’s ‘farming gold’ in their favourite MMORPG, introducing kids to their first tablet, arranging a video call for senior members of the family or simply looking to explore and try the next big thing like building a smart home or taking a tour of the ‘metaverse’ (https://bit.ly/3eF6QLK).

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In order to respond to these developing challenges and needs, Kaspersky has reimagined its consumer protection “beyond AV” and laid out its new approach and evolutionary vision for the upcoming years.

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