Infinix Unveils NOTE 30 Series

Infinix unveils NOTE 30 series
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Infinix recently released its latest flagship device- the NOTE 30 series in Lagos.

The statement read partly, “The NOTE 30 Series is designed with cutting-edge all-round fast-charge technology that supports multiple charging methods, including wired fast charging, wireless charging, reverse charging, bypass charging, PD 3.0 protocol, intelligent charging, and safe charging across multiple dimensions.

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“The bypass charging supplies power directly to the motherboard without going through the battery, effectively reducing the phone’s temperature and extending battery life. The reverse charging function makes it both a mobile phone and a charger for other electronic devices. It can charge your smartwatch, Bluetooth earbuds, or even an iPhone. The device also supports intelligent night charging and works with industry-standard protocols like USB Power Delivery 3.0.”

“Besides lightning-fast charging speeds, the NOTE 30 series has significantly improved its photography and video capabilities, powerful processors, super signal technology, the latest Android operating system, and large storage.”

“The NOTE 30 series also supports wireless charging, making charging your devices in the car, office, or at your bedside easy and convenient. The Note 30 series comprises multiple models: the Note 30, Note 30 Pro, Note 30 5G, and Note 30 VIP.

“With a starting price of N120,900, you can purchase any of the NOTE 30 series at authorised Infinix retail outlets across Nigeria, and if you cannot afford to pay for the device at once, with 0 per cent interest and a 30 per cent down payment, you can get the device with Easybuy,” the statement added.

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