Huawei Launches IT Solution

Huawei launches IT solution
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Huawei has said it launched its Green 1-2-3 solution during its Huawei Green ICT Summit in Barcelona, Spain.

In a statement, the President of ICT Strategy and Marketing of Huawei, Peng Song, during his keynote speech, titled, ‘Green and development, choosing not to choose’, said an AI Big Bang was underway.

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He said, “AI brings new benefits and opportunities to operators. However, it also requires better ICT infrastructure due to higher bandwidth and increased computing power, leading to a rapid increase in network energy consumption. The ICT industry seems to be faced with the tough choice to either go green or develop.

“However, we believe the industry can choose not to choose and instead go green and develop simultaneously.”

He emphasised that simultaneous green ICT and ICT development were possible if the right balance was struck between energy efficiency, renewable energy utilisation, and user experience.

Peng sought a focus expansion from the scale of green power deployment to the efficient use of renewable energy.

He said, “An upgrade from network-specific to site-specific policies can be undertaken to improve the accuracy of renewable energy deployment.

Additionally, the time required for intelligent scheduling can be reduced from days to minutes, thus maximising renewable energy’s economic and environmental benefits.

“Multi-dimensional site information such as weather, electricity price, battery status, and service volume can be obtained, and intelligent scheduling algorithms can maximise power generation efficiency and load-based power availability while minimising overall power cost.”

Commenting on user experience, Huawei proposed that the focus should no longer solely be on network energy saving and KPI assurance but extend to user experience assurance.

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