How to repair skin damaged by bleaching cream –Dermatologist

How to repair skin damaged by bleaching cream –Dermatologist
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A Consultant Dermatologist, Dr. Toyosi Ilesanmi, says there is hope for people with skin damaged by bleaching cream.

Ilesanmi who works with the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital said that it is always difficult to repair skin damaged by bleaching cream, there is always hope of helping people with the problem.

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Speaking with PUNCH HealthWise, the dermatologist, said, however, that repairing damaged skin, is dependent on how long the skin has been bleached and with what item.

“There are some people that just started bleaching their skin may be less than six months, such people’s skin can be saved.

“The way the skin of people who just started using bleaching cream will look is always different to that of people who have been using bleaching cream for four or five years.

“So, for people who have used bleaching cream for three, four, five years and who never used sunscreen, the damage to their skin is always worse and more difficult to repair. This is because of the thinning of the skin.

“When you continue to use bleaching creams, especially those that contain tropical steroids, the skin starts to thin out and become very black.

“And when it becomes very black, it becomes difficult to lighten those spots again but it can be done in the long term,” the dermatologist said.

Source: Healthwise Punch

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