Heineken Unveils Global Creative Campaign

Heineken Unveils Global Creative Campaign
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Heineken has kicked off its 150th anniversary celebrations with the unveiling of a captivating global creative campaign themed ‘150 years of good times.’

The international beer brand celebrates its 150th anniversary with a playful campaign embracing its hard-to-spell name and a new global index for consumer conviviality.

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The campaign showcases individuals from diverse countries, cultures, and languages struggling to pronounce Heineken correctly, and in their own unique ways. Heineken, Hoiniken, Heniken, Hineken?

Through this initiative, Heineken aims to convey a message of inclusivity, diversity, embracing people worldwide, and sharing good times, regardless of how they refer to the brand.

The much-anticipated unveiling took place recently at the Nigerian Breweries headquarters in Iganmu, Lagos on July 6, 2023, which was attended by industry leaders, Heineken executives, and the media.

Speaking at the Nigeria Breweries headquarters in Iganmu, managing director and chief executive officer of Nigerian Breweries, Hans Essaadi said, “As we celebrate 150th anniversary of the heineken brand, we remain committed to strenthening our presence in Nigeria and continuing our journey of fostering positive change.”

Essaadi opined that, heineken has made significant and transformative footprints in the global beer brands with exports strides as well as being the largest and retail beer brands in Nigeria.

He applauded the Africa footprints of heineken in Nigeria, as the largest premium beer brand in Nigeria which, he said, had impacted over 300 brands with diverse portfolios.

He assured that the 150th anniversary of the heineken brands will build and create more opportunities for growth and foster collaboration amongst partners.

Director of corporate affairs, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Sade Morgan, revealed exciting plans for the anniversary celebrations. She announced that Heineken would be partnering with a renowned fashion brand to create a unique collaboration.

Additionally, fans and customers can anticipate one of the most spectacular concerts ever to wrap up the grand festivities.

Morgan further emphasised the significance of Heineken’s presence in Nigeria, noting the symbolic connection between the brand’s green color and the country’s flag.

She expressed her anticipation for the momentous celebration, saying, “So 150 years of Heineken and coming to Nigeria and celebrating that and ending this year with the biggest concert that we are ever going to have. It’s going to be simply amazing.

While acknowledging the brand’s success, Morgan expressed gratitude to consumers, partners, and employees, emphasising that their support and loyalty have propelled Heineken to new heights.

She recognised the brand’s ability to touch the lives of millions worldwide and highlighted the universality of Heineken’s taste, stating, “we are all here together enjoying this brand, not now, right now, but hopefully maybe later after 4 o’clock. We will be enjoying this brand that has the same taste, no matter where you are in the world, we are drinking the same Heineken.”

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