Dementia Week: Experts To Reveal Ways of Managing Condition

Dementia Week: Experts To Reveal Ways of Managing Condition
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In commemoration of this year’s Dementia Week, Annomo Health, in collaboration with Loveday & Co, will present a groundbreaking webinar on understanding and managing dementia, featuring esteemed panelists from diverse backgrounds.

This informative and insightful session will be held sometime ago. It aimed to shed light on the complexities of dementia, share valuable expertise, and explore innovative approaches to care and support.

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Although, not a specific disease, dementia is a group of conditions characterised by impairment of at least two brain functions, such as memory loss and judgement

Panelists that will speak at the webinar include: Dr. Arshad Rather and Dr. Conor Clerkin-Oliver.

Dr Rather, a renowned geriatrician at The London Clinic with extensive experience in old-age medicine brings profound insights into the physical and mental health challenges faced by individuals with dementia.

He will discuss the medical aspects of dementia and the latest advancements in treatment options.

In addition, Dr. Conor Clerkin-Oliver, Dementia Research Physician at Re:cognition Health Brain and Mind Experts, will discuss new treatment advances in dementia management.

Both medical experts will delve into the latest research findings, therapeutic interventions, and potential breakthroughs on the horizon.

Speaking on the webinar, Chief Executive Officer of Annomo Health, Dr Chichi Menakaya who is also the host of the webinar said that Annomo Health and Loveday organised the webinar as part of their new series of webinars, ‘Stages of Ageing’ in order to empower the general public and create a more dementia-inclusive and friendly society.

Key discussion topics, according to Dr Menakaya, will include early detection and diagnosis of dementia; innovative treatment approaches and emerging therapies; strategies for improving the quality of life for individuals with dementia.

Other topics she said will also involve: the role of specialised care facilities in dementia management and how to support caregivers and family members throughout the dementia journey.

“Don’t miss this unique opportunity to gain valuable insights from our esteemed panelists and learn about the latest advancements in dementia care. Register today to secure your spot and be part of this powerful webinar during Dementia Week,” Dr Menakaya advised.

It would be recalled that every year the Alzheimer’s Society runs Dementia Action Week to raise awareness of dementia.

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