Delta Cargo Unveils Largest Cooler Facility At JFK Airport

Delta Cargo Unveils Largest Cooler Facility At JFK Airport
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New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport has concluded plans to unveil Delta Cargo’s newest cooler.

The new state-of-the-art facility is the largest of its kind at JFK and offers an upgraded experience for customers with cargo that requires specialised handling for temperature-sensitive goods being shipped around the globe.

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“This is just one of the significant investments Delta is making to innovate and expand our service offerings to our Cargo customers,” said the Vice-President of Delta Cargo, Rob Walpole, “By expanding our cold chain footprint and leveraging our extensive partner and route network at JFK, we are offering an unparalleled set of options for our customers looking to move temperature-sensitive shipments through the Northeast corridor.”

The JFK cooler will serve as the premier cold chain facility for pharmaceutical and healthcare products, while also enabling perishable cargo shipping of produce and fresh goods.

The cooler boasts of expert temperature monitoring, enhanced control and oversight, and specially trained and certified staff to ensure precise handling and integrity of the cold chain.

A marquee investment for Delta Cargo, the cooler was strategically built into the JFK infrastructure to streamline time in transit.

Customers will also benefit from the hub’s unparalleled global access and connectivity, the airline noted. Delta is JFK’s largest global carrier, operating up to 34 flights to 26 cities across Europe, Africa and the Middle East— including the top 10 pharma markets — as well as service to key Latin American and Caribbean markets.

Each of the facility’s dedicated chambers for pharmaceuticals and perishable goods features distinct temperature zones designed to keep products ranging from vaccines to berries at their specific, required temperature throughout the entire journey.

The cooler also has humidity control capabilities as well as a dedicated capacity for seafood, ensuring that customers’ cargo arrives at its destination as fresh as the time it was packed.

“This cargo cooler is the latest of Delta’s significant investments in the transformation at this airport and another example of their partnership in creating a world-class global gateway at JFK that not only features a best-in-class passenger experience but also state-of-the-art cargo handling that will strengthen our supply chain and boost the region’s economy,” said Teresa Rizzuto, JFK General Manager.

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