Cybervergent Unveils AI Platform For Data Compliance

Cybervergent Unveils AI Platform For Data Compliance
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Cybervergent has unveiled an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven platform to ease companies’ compliance with the provisions of the Nigerian Data Protection.

Recall the NDPA was signed into law in June last year, marking a transformative shift in how businesses handle personal data, necessitating strict adherence to robust regulations. Non-compliance exposes businesses to substantial financial penalties, potentially reaching N10 million or two per cent of annual revenue.

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Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cybervergent, Adetokunbo Omotosho, said: “NDPA compliance is not a choice; it’s an imperative for businesses…”

As organisations grapple with aligning with these stringent regulations and the imminent March 15th, 2024, deadline, Cybervergent has proactively introduced an AI-automated compliance platform tailored for corporations of all sizes. This platform serves as a guide, simplifying the intricate journey towards NDPA compliance.

“Beyond regulatory requirements, NDPA compliance becomes a catalyst for revenue growth. Businesses in compliance are better positioned to meet evolving demands for robust security measures and industry-standard certifications, thereby fostering digital trust and mitigating third-party risks.

“The consequences of non-compliance with NDPA can be severe, emphasising the urgency for businesses to adopt proactive measures. Cybervergent’s experts are ready to guide businesses through the intricacies of NDPA compliance, employing best practices to enhance security and privacy.”

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