CLB Partners Barbri Global To Make Nigerian Lawyers Practice Globally

CLB Partners Barbri Global To Make Nigerian Lawyers Practice Globally
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To enhance the capacity of lawyers and broaden their horizon, Centre for Law and Business (CLB), in collaboration with Barbri Global, the world’s premier legal education body has pledged to empower lawyers work almost everywhere in the world through its programme, Barbri international legal qualification.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CLB, Dapo Oyewumi and the international development manager at Barbri global, Monique Morrison, gave the pledge at a one day seminar in Lagos with the theme, ‘Africa International Lawyers Multi-Jurisdictional Qualification: UK and U.S.’

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Oyewumi said the programme is to prepare Nigerian lawyers practise abroad, to give them the opportunity to have international legal practice and to make them have a multi-jurisdictional practice licence. Having a multi-jurisdictional practice licence, Oyewumi said, would help attract clients to lawyers.

“A lawyer that has multi jurisdiction experience has to practice across jurisdictions. He will be more attractive than somebody that practices in one jurisdiction,” he stated.

He noted that the programme enables lawyers’ work in Britain and not necessarily to relocate there, adding that the programme is for those who want to become solicitors.

“They can prepare documents, get involved in land transactions, appear in the tribunals, and district courts, but cannot go to the superior court. So, what a British solicitor can do, you can do it too,” Oyewumi stated.

Morrison added that the Barbri global pedigree has over 55 years expertise, which focuses on tech driven preparation for lawyers with global mindset, adding that it has 1,500 foreign lawyers yearly, who are seeking dual qualification with Barbri and has 1.3million alumni, who are lawyers, judges and law students.

Morrison said the programme, which is for lawyers and non-lawyers has Solicitor Qualification Examination (SQE), which is of different categories and is done online.

Her words: “Flexible course has a 40 week timeframe. It’s for 10 to 12 hours per week and it’s best for non-law graduates. In fact, anyone in full time employment and foreign qualified lawyers are qualified to take it.

“There is also a 20-week course from, which is best for law graduates from British Universities. It has graduated students more than three years ago.

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