Carloha international begins operation in Nigeria

Carloha international begins operation in Nigeria
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CARLOHA, a global automobile company that specialises in the sales and services of premium used vehicles with in-commerce and on-demand maintenance service technology, has begun operation in Nigeria. Carloha International has its global head office in the USA, owns and manages several stores and maintenance centres, with over 200 dedicated employees that provide comprehensive car purchase, finance, and insurance services. Carloha Nigeria, parades a host of premium used vehicles in its arsenal of stocks, and it’s well positioned to be the leading automobile company in the used vehicle trading business in Nigeria.

According to the marketing manager, Mr. Mathew Enuoma Aje, “We are in business to set the pace in sales and services of the used vehicle segment in Nigeria, by making vehicle ownership a seamless process for all customers.“ He further stressed that Carloha Nigeria, prides itself on having the best used vehicles of choice brands that are durable, rugged, and well refined to suit the tastes of all our customers. And more so, the class and state of vehicles we stock are rare and cannot be sourced elsewhere”. The company collaborates with a well-known used car provider in the United States to select the highest-quality used cars for Carloha Nigeria, utilizing big data technology. The replication of the automated system is to position Carloha Nigeria as a viable company that will drive the world with latest technological advancements in automobile engineering and offer bespoke premium services that cannot be seen anywhere in sub-Sahara African.

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“Products: Carloha Nigeria, parades a host of quality used vehicles from notable brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Toyota (Lexus), Ford, and Range Rover, which are neatly selected and well finished to specifications with state-of-the-art technology. The automated pricing system is used to fix the right price for all used vehicles. The pricing of used vehicles is a huge algorithmic challenge to the overall business. Carloha Nigeria has addressed this issue by using machine learning technology to accurately fix the price of each vehicle in relation to economic fluctuation and market imbalance in the local market.

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