Buhari urged to appoint more women into his cabinet

Buhari urged to appoint more women into his cabinet
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President Muhammadu Buhari has been urged to encourage women to participate more in Nigeria’s politics and ensure 35 per cent political appointment for them in the formation of his new cabinet to accelerate the nation’s development.

He said the current administration should encourage women to actively participate in politics,” for us to get the best of them because of their great and limitless talents, more so that they are far more than the men folks. “The women affirmation is talking about 35 per cent representation of women in government. For God’s sake, if it can’t be increased it should be sustained in this new administration so that we can witness accelerated development. Nigerian women are the best anybody anywhere in the world can pray for.” Earlier, one of the discussants, Mrs Folorunsho Naomi, a nurse with University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, said though her profession was female dominated, but men always enjoyed the available opportunities above women, which ought not to be so.

Executive Director of Royal Heritage Health Foundation, a Non-governmental Organisation, NGO, based in Ilorin, Mr Sogunro Elijah, spoke during the celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day with the theme, “Balance for better.” Elijah also urged women to participate in politics and take charge by making the best advantage of their huge numerical strength above men. He described women as major stakeholders in any nation’s polity who should be given their pride of place for development to thrive.

Source: Demola Akinyemi, Vanguard.

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