Bosch Unveils Fully Automatic Espresso Machines

Bosch Unveils Fully Automatic Espresso Machines
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The new appliance promises an unparalleled coffee experience with a touch of sophistication. 

The CES Innovation Awards, a prestigious annual competition, recognized Bosch’s fully automatic Espresso machine for its sophisticated monitoring and seamless technology powered by Home Connect.  

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The 800 Series Espresso Machine boasts the Aroma Max System, a fusion of four innovations ensuring consistent coffee quality.  

These innovations include a long-lasting ceramic grinder, a smart water pump for full-bodied flavors, an intelligent flow heater for optimal brewing temperature, and a high-tech brewing unit for a unique coffee aroma. 

Navigating the brewing process is made effortless with the Active Select Display, a user-friendly 5-inch touchscreen display and control panel. This feature allows users to customize milk settings, size, and aroma, providing a personalized coffee experience at the touch of a button. The new line of Fully Automatic Espresso Machines is set to launch in mid-2024.

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