Bigi Unveils Beautiful New TVC Celebrating The Unbreakable Naija Spirit

Bigi Unveils Beautiful New TVC Celebrating The Unbreakable Naija Spirit
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Bigi just released a new television commercial (TVC) that celebrates the fires in our bellies, and the unique ability of Nigerians to overcome obstacles with infectious resilience, laughter, and an unyielding belief in our potential that no dream is too big.

“Nigerians are dreamers, but more importantly, they are doers,” says Biola Aransiola, the Assistant Brand Manager, Bigi.  “This TVC is a tribute to our hustle, laughter in the face of adversity, and our unwavering spirit. It’s a celebration of everything that makes Naija unique, and how Bigi is there with them every step of the way and moment.”

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The TVC features vibrant visuals, a catchy soundtrack, and relatable story of everyday Nigerians chasing their dreams. But the heart of the message lies with a powerful message that the Naija spirit is bottled up in every refreshing sip of Bigi.

It goes beyond individual journeys. It portrays how the Naija spirit transcends personal experiences, rubbing off on those around them with its infectious energy. We see others drawn in by the infectious laughter, the unwavering support networks, and the “can-do” attitude that permeates every interaction. And if they are not able to embrace the spirit fully, they exclaim, “leave the rest for Naija!”

Bigi positions herself as more than a drink, but as a companion and symbol of the Nigerian spirit. Every sip is a reminder of the strength, resilience, and unwavering belief that defines the nation.

The #BigiForEveryMoment campaign extends beyond the TVC and encourages Nigerians to share their own stories of hustle, laughter, and triumph, and how Bigi fuels their journey.

With its refreshing taste and affordable price, Bigi has become a household name synonymous with quality and value. The brand is committed to supporting the dreams and aspirations of Nigerians, and the new TVC is a testament to this commitment.

Don’t miss out! Watch the exciting new Bigi TVC and join the conversation on @getbigi on all our social media platforms.

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