Ayra Starr, BNXN & Victony cover the Latest Edition of Teen Vogue’s ‘Africa’s New Wave’

Ayra Starr, BNXN & Victony cover the Latest Edition of Teen Vogue’s ‘Africa’s New Wave’
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Teen Vogue has unveiled its latest edition of Africa’s New Wave, which features Nigerian artists Ayra StarrBNXN, and Victony as the cover stars.

According to the publication;

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Our Africa’s New Wave package celebrates the rich culture and impact of the globe’s demographically youngest continent. Through a series of visual stories, we’re unpacking the gravity of Africa’s history and influence on the world and why it needs to be looked to as a source of inspiration for radical youth-focused change.

In the interview with Nelson C,J Victony opens up about overcoming adversity through music, navigating the complexities of self-expression, and his current mindset. Expressing how the love and support from his fans during the early stages of his career kept him going, especially when he faced challenges, he says “‘Holy Father’ came out when I was still in my wheelchair. Just seeing so much love from everybody out there, that [motivated] me to finish up my project and follow up the success.”

“The first song on the EP is called ‘Outlaw.’ Every time I listen to that song, it just gives me a flashback of everything that’s happened in my life and paints vivid pictures of what the future is going to be.” He adds, “That song embodies every emotion that I felt at the time.”

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