Apple Opens Its First Store In India

Apple Opens Its First Store In India
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APPLE recently opened its first store in India, highlighting the importance of the market to the iPhone maker’s future.

The first store, called Apple BKC, is located in the populous city of Mumbai. Apple on Thursday will open another store in the capital of Delhi.

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The Cupertino giant said it has been present in India for more than 25 years.

“India has such a beautiful culture and an incredible energy, and we’re excited to build on our long-standing history,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a press release published Monday.

Cook posted a photo of himself and staff at the new apple store on Monday.

Apple is aiming to boost sales and manufacturing of iPhones in India in a move analysts say resembles its strategy when it first entered China, now one of the company’s biggest markets.

Apple claims its Mumbai store is “one of the most energy-efficient” locations in the world and has a dedicated solar energy system and has zero reliance on fossil fuels for the store’s operations. Apple BKC runs on 100% renewable energy, Apple said.

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