Absolut Introduces Two New Cocktails

Absolut Introduces Two New Cocktails
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The new offerings include a vodka mojito and a raspberry lemonade cocktail. The vodka mojito combines Absolut vodka with lime and mint flavors, complemented by sugar syrup. The raspberry lemonade cocktail features Absolut vodka blended with raspberry and lemon, accompanied by sugar syrup.  

These RTS cocktails boast an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 15%, offering a light and sweet flavor profile, with each bottle providing five servings. 

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Reshma Dhati, senior brand director of marketing at Absolut, highlighted the brand’s enthusiasm for entering the ready-to-serve space, stating, “With prepared cocktails as the fastest growing spirits category, trending to overtake wine and spirits this year, we’re excited for Absolut to officially enter into the ready-to-serve space.” 


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