2 important spices that guarantee lasting marriage— Lizzygold Onuwaje

2 important spices that guarantee lasting marriage— Lizzygold Onuwaje
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Sexy Nollywood actress and single mother of one, Lizzygold Onuwaje has taken out time on her Instagram page to give a sermon on marriage, identifying ingredients that guarantee a lasting marriage. She sermonises: “Two important spices that guarantee a lasting marriage is money and space. Couples should sometimes give themselves space.

“When you see yourselves everyday it reduces the love and emotional attachment you have for each other. “One of the partners should intentionally travel so you can miss yourselves and chat on the phone.”

Lizzygold Onuwaje’s conviction about marriage is not something that materialises out of the blues. She had long held the belief and obviously, she appears to be living it. Lizzygold Onuwaje told Potpourri some years back: “Some women didn’t want to be under the roof of a man. In our culture, except in a few cases, a woman is expected to do everything while the man provides the money. “Some women can’t go through such, especially career women. I love distance relationships, if I get married to anyone, he must be staying far away from me; we will get to see once in two or three weeks, that is the type of marriage I will appreciate.

“Once there is distance there will be so much love from afar.” Lizzygold Onuwaje has done well for herself, both as an actor and as a producer.

Source; Vangurad.

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